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Confidence Booster

Ever wanted to learn to ride a horse but were a little scared? Maybe you have had a terrible fall off a horse and need help getting your confidence to get back into the saddle.

Ever had a bad riding experience that knocked your confidence and made you second guess yourself and your ability to ride well?

You are not alone!

Yes, horses are big animals, but with the correct coaching you can learn to work with a horse to become a great all-round horseperson and overcome any nerves or hesitation.

Try our new Confidence Booster lessons and give yourself the opportunity to experience the exhilaration of riding and spending time in the company of our equestrian friends!

I have always loved horse riding. I was always a bit of a nervous rider but I slowly progressed and got a lot better, all was going well until I rode an ex-racehorse. Cutting a long story short I had a terrible fall. Breaking my leg, splitting a calf muscle and severely damaging my knee. My physical injuries mended but my confidence was gone. In fact I was nervous even standing near a horse. But I wanted to live my dream and learn how to ride. I sent an email to Wattle Creek Equestrian Centre telling them my story and asking them for advice. I received a phone call from Julie that gave me the confidence to at least try one lesson. My heart was in my mouth when I got on “Pepper”, But by the end of the lesson I knew I would be back. With Julies’ patience and soothing words and pushing me a little further each lesson I was soon cantering again!! The feeling was amazing! All the staff at Wattle Creek have been fantastic, encouraging and patient.
Denise Walker
Confidence Booster