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EA Certificate Courses

At Wattle Creek we have the ‘on the job’ resources to train and assess you for your EA Introductory & Level 1 Horse Management, Riding Skills and Coaching Skills. 

Training & assessing is generally weekly but obviously demand has a lot to do with this.

Wattle Creek has a large number of EA trainees all travelling at different levels working towards their certificates and school horses that are well trained for this work. There is a full time SSTA and weekly access to L2 & L3 Coach Educators – Wattle Creek has the resources and the support to get you efficiently moving forward to the completion of your EA Certificates. We produce Coaches with solid skills and knowledge.

Wattle Creek has dedicated training programs to support you through all the HM slips.

This is hands on as well as essay based assessment.

Riding Skills – SSTA $135 per session (including horse & arena), CE fees upon request + $50 horse, demo rider & arena hire.

In-house Coaching to Intermediate, visiting L2 & L3 Coaches weekly for higher level coaching and Assessment. School horses up to Elementary (L1).

Group Coach Training – $80 per session with Demo Rider

Weekly practice with experienced demo riders and school horses. Assessment on demand by L2 & L3 Coach Educators.

We start the process with a sit down meeting to discuss what level you are currently at and what your aims and time frames are, from this meeting we plan your future training program.