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Interested in attending an external dressage competition? Are your looking for experience before buying a competition horse? Wattle Creek can take you out to external competitions.

This involves lessons prior to teach you show craft to ride a dressage test. You cover preparation for a competition such as clipping, plating, the paperwork required and lots more that involves taking a horse to competition.

You are supported through out the day . You can travel with the horse to competition with the horse float, we help you with the warm up and call your test for you.  We select one of the many school horses that compete and your journey starts.

Fee for the competition day $495 includes the horse, the tack, taking you and the horse to the competition, support through out the competition (1 or 2 tests).

Additional to this is a block of lessons prior to the competition (the amount of lessons is determined by the skill level at the time of request) to ensure the rider is ready and safe for competition out. This will be a minimum of a block of 4 lessons or more with the Head Coach.


Competition Day $495

Block of four 45min lessons $418.00

Block of eight 45min lessons $810.00

Nomination fees (approx $30 per class) and riders outfit is at the cost of the client