Our Horse Management and Lungeing Skills programs run most Saturdays, in the morning from 8.30am or at a time organised with Wattle Creek.

Horse Management

Price is $68.00 per person

Timed perfectly for busy workers, our Horse Management course runs every Saturday from 8.30am  (subject to numbers) or at a prearranged time . The participant learns how to care and handle a horse on the job. The program caters for a range of skill levels. The content delivered in the program is created to suit the level of the participants.


  • Horse Health – Horse behaviour – fight or flight instinct, joining up with a horse.
  • Saddlery – How does a saddle fit and how it works with the mechanics of the horses body.
  • Feeding – Understand how a horse must eat and what food he should have.
  • Grooming – How to clip a horse and why we do it.
  • Conformation
  • Hands on participation with our lovely horses

Lungeing skills

Price is $75 per person
We are now offering a training program in Lungeing Skills. Working with horses from the ground is another way of connecting with our equine friends. This program teaches the participant how to exercise a horse through lungeing. The program is hands-on.

Saturdays or during the week, discuss a suitable time with Wattle Creek.


  • Reasons for Lungeing
  • Lungeing Gear & Safety
  • Working with the lunge line (wooden horse)
  • Working with a real horse on the lunge
  • Lungeing commands and body cues
  • Working a horse on the Lunge
  • Long reins (two reins)
  • Exercises on the lunge