Wattle Creek, being a Pony Club Australia Centre, will now have Pony Club Workshops on the holidays so Pony Club members can work towards achieving their Certificates on the holidays.

What’s included in the Workshop?

On the first day the workshops cover Horse Behaviour which includes how to connect (Join Up) with a horse in the round yard with no tack and work on their Horse Management. The second day the riders participate in a Gymkhana.
The skill level is for those who have registered and are members of Pony Club and have their D and E Certificate books.

Both days include the assessment and signing off of the riders skills as they work towards the completion of their Certificate. Pony Club ribbons are awarded for achievement and Wattle Creek ribbons for the placings at the gymkhana.

Workshops will run for 8:00am – 12:00pm each day.

E Certificate Assessment

The successful E Certificate rider should be able to demonstrate the following, with assistance as required:
Candidates working through the E Certificate will be riding on the lunge or transitioning to independent riding. Assessment can be completed on the lunge.

Rider’s Tool Kit • Be familiar with the term pressure–release (may not necessarily be able to describe it accurately but understands the importance of the release of pressure)
• Know two different ways to reward the horse (scratching and food rewards).
On the Ground
• Understand the importance of correct safety equipment for riding and ground work
• Understand the need for gloves, boots, helmet, long pants, long sleeves, shirt tucked in,and lead rope held correctly
• Catch and let go of the horse
• Lead the horse correctly
• Understand how to tie up their horse safely
• Demonstrate stop and go responses while leading. Under Saddle
Mount and dismount safely
• Understand some basic elements of the correct position
• Hold the reins correctly
• Be developing rising trot
• Stop / slow, go forward and turn the horse.
Horse Management
• Know these parts of the horse: nostril, mane, wither, forelock, knee, flank, fetlock, ears, forehead
• Know some colours (chestnut, bay or brown and grey)
• Know some markings (star, blaze and socks)
• Know some basic grooming tools and how to use them with assistance (dandy brush,body brush, curry comb, hoof pick)
• Understand what the horse requires to be healthy (roughage, water, shade, shelter,friends)
• Know how to clean tack
• Know these items of tack (bridle, bit, reins, saddle, girth,stirrups).

Upcoming Pony Club Workshops


September 2021
2 Days


Thursday 23rd Sept & Friday 24th Sept 2021 amp;

Registration / Waiver Form

All riders must complete our Registration / Waiver form before they are eligible to ride. Below is a PDF copy that you can print and fill in to save time when you arrive. This form is updated every 12 months.

Download Waiver

Workshop Lesson Conditions

  • Riders must arrive 10 mins prior to commencement of lesson; lesson will start and finish at the scheduled time.
  • A minimum of four riders per Teen Workshop to go ahead.
  • 24 hour notice is the minimum required to cancel a Workshop Day due to any circumstance (sickness, injury, other commitments).  If received within the correct time frames a “Make-up” lesson can be arranged.  The lesson of the Workshop Day is made up only or, if it suits, the rider may pick up a day in a future Workshop. If no notification is received then the missed Workshop day is forfeited.  Cancellation of a booking must be received within working hours (Mon to Sat – not Sun) 24hrs prior to the booked lesson to be accepted. This can be received via email, text or phone message.
  • Weather – due to safety reasons the riding lesson component will be cancelled if rain conditions becomes too heavy or heat temperature exceeds 38°C. The Horse Management and handling component of the Workshop will still continue in inclement weather and the rider will receive a “Inclement Weather Make-Up Lesson” to be arranged by the client.
  • All lessons are valid for 12 months from date of purchase and are non-refundable.