Horse Management

$50.00 inc GST

Our Horse Management course runs every week at a time suitable and is subject to numbers. The  participant learns how to care for a horse.  The content delivered in the program is created to suit the level of the participants. The program follows the Equestrian Australia’s Horse Management Certificates. Assessment of the EA courses can be included. Training does not need to be consecutive but is booked at times suitable. $50 per training session of approximately 3 hours


  • Horse Health – Horse behaviour – fight or flight instinct, joining up with a horse.
  • Saddlery – How does a saddle fit and how it works with the mechanics of the horses body.
  • Feeding – Understand how a horse must eat and what food he should have.
  • Grooming – How to clip a horse and why we do it.
  • Conformation
  • Hands on participation with our lovely horses
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