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EA Coach Assessment

The EA Coach Training is presented in a group and is only for those training to be an EA Coach – Training and Assessing for their EA Intro and L1 Coaching. This training and assessment is hosted by Wattle Creek and presented by Wendy Cramp L1D SSTA.

Working through your Coach training and assessments is not easy on many levels. Wattle Creek limits the logistical issues that slow your progress down. The main issues being access to Coach Educators regularly and at a reasonable price and access to school horses and experienced Demo riders. We generally train and assess weekly. Each participant is travelling at a different point of training. As we train in a group environment observation skills are an important part so we encourage you to observe all training and ask questions on the day.

You will/have receive access to Wattle Creek’s EA closed Facebook group where, when you have been accepted, you can see the posts for the weekly training and get access to training resources.

You get to train alongside Wattle Creek’s experienced coaches!

$85.00 inc GST

EA Coach Assessment