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1 off Trial Lesson Form

1 off Trial Lesson

Name of Client:
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Previous horse riding experience ?
Able to mount independently ?
Responsive to Instruction ?
Able to process and understand instruction ?
Able to respond to instructions for a minimum of 30 mins ?
Able to hold upper body up right and follow general movement of horse with a degree of balance ?
Able to react to the unexpected movement of the horse ?
i.e Horse trips, moves off quickly , shys
Able to verbally communicate with and respond to coach ?
Able to multitask between listening to instructions and responding to instructions on horseback ?
Does the rider have a minimum equivelant level to an able bodied 6yr old's mental and physical ability or higher ?
1. MENTALLY - concentration longevity , process and execute instructions 2. PHYSICALLY - core strength to sit upright in the saddle, no sporadic movements, ability to stay in harmony with horses movement
Able to share arena with other riders who may be trotting and cantering
An over stimulating enviroment.
Were they able to follow directions ,