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Tony Jenson – Head of Agricultural Science, Nudgee College

The reason we attended Wattle Creek was to complete several units in the certificate 2 course they were doing. The reason I chose Wattle Creek was because it came recommended from a friend when I mentioned that I was looking for a training centre.

I went to the webpage and was impressed with the quality of the site and was confident that it was a quality program. When i visited Wattle Creek prior to the commencement of the course I wasn’t disappointed, the grounds, facility and staff were fantastic and everything that i expected.

Wendy and the staff were very easy to work with and very accommodating when it came to meeting our specific learning outcomes for the course and also in working within our time frames.

Starting the course the boys were impressed by the quality of the trainers – I don’t need to elaborate on that! I was more than happy with their approach to the boys and their delivery on unit content. There were always friendly, patient, professional and accommodating which was good.

At the end of the course I was satisfied that the boys had received a well rounded experience that achieved our learning outcomes and was very please with everything in general. [/testimonial]

Denise Walker – Confidence Booster

I loved it, always a bit nervous but I slowly progressed.  All was going well until I rode an ex racehorse. Cutting a long story short I had a terrible fall. Breaking my leg, splitting a calf muscle and severely damaging my knee. My physical injuries mended but my confidence was gone. In fact I was nervous even standing near a horse.  But I wanted to live my dream.

I sent an email to Wattle Creek Equestrian Centre telling them my story and asking them for advice.  I received an emails back and then a phone call.  That phone call from Julie gave me the confidence to at least have a lesson.  My heart was in my mouth when I got on “Pepper”.  But by the end of the lesson I knew I would be back. The thought of cantering terrified me, but with Julies’ patience, soothing words and pushing me a little further each lesson I did it!!  The feeling was amazing! All the staff at Wattle Creek have been fantastic, encouraging and patient.

After my fall I became fearful of trying anything new.  I went to Canada last Christmas and spent my time watching my family enjoying winter activities too scared to give it a go! This is not way to live life. Wattle Creek Equestrian Centre not only has helped me live my  dream of horse riding but has given me the confidence to get out there and enjoy life!

Jan Gaskin – Confidence Booster

My story, it had been over ten years since I had been on a horse and I had fallen couple of times and had lost my confidence and not sure if I would ever get on a horse again.

When I moved back to Brisbane I wanted to horse riding a try again so I found Wattle Creek Equestrian Centre on the web and went out to visit the centre. I spoke to Wendy who encouraged me to give it a try again so I have. All I can say is I felt so sorry for Georgia on my first lesson, I thought I would never move off the mounting block onto Pepper’s back and then I got so nervous during the lesson that I nearly hyper-ventilated.

After a few weeks with Georgia’s encouragement and Pepper’s gentle nature I am now up to the rising trot and thoroughly enjoying riding again, something I thought I would never do. In the next couple of weeks I look forward moving to a different horse and gaining more and more confidence.

Thank you to Wattle Creek Equestrian Centre, my coach Georgia and most of all, Pepper the gentlest horse I have ridden for giving me the confidence to get back on a horse.

Jen Martin – Adult Riding Squad

I first contacted Wattle Creek Equestrian Centre wanting to reignite my passion for horse riding as a means to enable me to de-stress from the juggling act of raising a child, studying and running a household.Squad Riding

I rode regularly as a child and teenager, but unfortunately due to The Gap developing rapidly and the cost of leasing a horse too expensive, I had to give up the sport that I loved so much at the age of 16.
14 years later, I decided that it was time to get back in to the sport that gave me so much joy. After much research, I chose to ride at Wattle Creek due to the professionalism of the staff, the ease of location and quality of horses.

I started out riding in private lessons which I enjoyed, but craved the horsemanship side of things.

I desperately missed the joys of building a rapport with the horse I was going to ride and providing basic care for them. Not long after, Wattle Creek Equestrian established the Ladies Squad which would enable me to do these things and I was quick to take the opportunity for a place in the squad.

The Ladies Squad has offered me new skills and techniques which I was not able to develop when I was younger. I enjoy the company of the other ladies in the squad, the beautifully trained horses and the fact that it feels like a family whenever I enter the school. I cannot thank Wendy and all the coaches enough for providing this group. It has given me a new lease on life and I feel excited about developing my skills in the future.